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  • Getting Better Images from Compact Camera Flash

    Compact cameras are great, right? So handy & they take pretty good photos these days. However, the biggest issue for most remains with the built in flash.


    Built in flash is always going to cause issues, just by the very nature that it's pointing straight at your subject & is not very flattering as a result.


    However, things can be improved.......and quite easily too.


    How? Well go to take your photo as normal, but only press the shutter button half way & hold it there.


    Next, before you press the shutter fully, place your finger over the flash so that you are covering half of it, then fully press the shutter.


    Why does this work? Well what you've done is effectively halved the amount of flash hitting your subject, so that the flash is more like "fill flash"...........and it's much more flattering :)


    I'll have some step by step images about this up soon, but in the meantime, you can sign up to my newsletter at the top of the page to be kept up to date.


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